During these unprecedented times we would like to take the opportunity to reassure that the safety of our employees and our customers is our top priority.

We take all the necessary measures so that we can guarantee the continuity of production and all the services that we provide.

Is no news that we all have to accommodate to the “new normal”, at least for now until some form of cure permits an end to the situation.


Unfortunately, apart from the design Dep. we cannot put our employees working from home. We sell a physical product that from development to complexion has to be designed (at home) but then it has to be prototyped, adjusted for functionality, finished, wired and presented to the client in the form of samples and in the end, orders fulfilled. Most of these operations have to be done in place or in close collaboration with our business partners.


Having said that and although we try to maintain the same level of response and service as before, we have and we will continue to come across some issues that might affect our efficacy and timings, at times

  1. Everybody is going through the same constrains. The doubled attentions to health do not let us speed up as we wished. We must maintain a rigorous sanitary control with all the constrains that com with it.

  2. Every business partner including ourselves, is subject to have direct or indirect cases and having to act accordingly. So partially we had and will have to have elements at home to protect the rest of the team.

  3. The supply chain has some issues for certain raw materials. Not everything is local, some materials must be imported and subject to the market hiccups and chain supply cuts. If so, alternatives will have to be found where possible but not un general without jeopardising the timings.


We have been opened all through this pandemic and we will do everything to continue serving you the best we can.

We are all in this together, and we will get through, together.

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