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Corep Iberica, Lda

Rua F lote 33, Zona Industrial do Casal da Areia, 2460-392 Coz Alcobaça, Portugal


Phone: +351 262 545 439


GPS coordenates: 39°36'22.1"N   8°59'08.7"W

Google Coordenates: 39.606152,-8.985741


Direct (MD) contact: Filipe Pereira (English + FR + ES + PT)

For International contacts: E- Mail: Anabela Miguel or Angela Ascenso (English + PT)

João Paulo (English + German (deutsch))

For Payments and Accounts E-Mail: Filipe Pereira (English + FR + ES + PT)

For the Portuguese market E-mail: Ana Paula Santos (PT)

Development and Design E-mail: Sofia Serrazina (English and PT)

Via mail you can write in any of the following languages:

Portuguese + English + French +  Spanish and now Germain 


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E-mail - Corep Ibérica, Lda, Rua G lote 33 - Zona Industrial do Casal da Areia - 2460-392 Coz Alcobaca - Portugal

Sustainability and Social Responsability are primordial aspects present in our daily desitions. 

FSC and PEFC certification available. ID to apose on elegible products only. 

Manual do SG CoC 2022 - clique para ler documento