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Corep Lighting

lampshades manufacturing


Certificate: FSC® APCER-COC-150778

Certificate: APCER-PEFC-COC-210221

Mark to apose on elegible products only.

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one planet 

care and take care

These two pillars are an ongoing challenge to our company. 


From raw materials to final assembly, working hours, health and safety, and environment. At Corep Iberica we always do the necessary to be well above minimums required by law or internacional regulations. 

We buy our lighting components only from certified, traced, and transparent trade. 

Every raw material follows the European regulations that prevent the use of hazard substances under the REACH specifications.


Our forest Forest Management Certifications help us keep track the trade chain for a more sustainable forest.

The environmental footprint is a daily concern, we managed to reduce solvent use by taping the lampshades with self adhesive paper based tape. Following these paths its not always easy as it envolves several intervenients in the process. So for us the suppliers commitment to our environmental goals is crucial.

 We are in the process of making hard back lampshades using paper based materials instead of plastic. We are taking action to cut the plastic composition off our lamps to the maximum extent possible. 

Our process uses now solvent free border tapes and uses sustainable cloth based lampshades. 

THE TEAM is the reason of our existence 

Social responsibility is one of the main pillars of our strength as a producer.

By keeping healthy physical and stress free environment, and motivated team, we achieve better performance with less effort.

We take care daily of our TEAM by complying with:

  • working hours within the limits and only if necessary

  • give time off as per the regulation collective contracts

  • give time off for urgent family and health matters

  • NEVER employ underage workers

  • NO Discrimination of any type, women, migrant, sexual options or race.

  • We STRICTLY COMPLY with all obligations to the state and other organisations in order to guarantee the rights of the entire team.

  • ALL the working hours are recorded to allow DUE COMPENSATION the workers.

TEAM's health- and safety constant improvement.

  • Necessary permits in place.

  • Adequate industrial hygiene

  • Adequate protection against hazardous substances

  • Adequate and inaccessible emergency exits and autoprotection plan.

  • Adequate safety measures in place, audited by third party entities. 

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